Photos from Neil Braithwaite circa 1990

A number of these photos are from a Pocklington two seater competition and reflect the social antics of the club outing.

Lakes0291 Capstan sunset2 Lakes0253 Lakes (2)4 Lakes (3)5 Lakes (4)6 Lakes7 Lakes0228 Lakes0239 Lakes02410 Lakes02611 Lakes02712 Lakes02813 Lakes03014 Lakes03115 Lakes03216 Lakes03317 Lakes03418 Poclington outing00119 Poclington outing00220 Poclington outing00321 Poclington outing00422 Poclington outing00623 Poclington outing00724 Poclington outing00825 Poclington outing00926 Poclington outing01027 Poclington outing01128 Poclington outing01229 Poclington outing01330 Poclington outing01431 Poclington outing01532 Poclington outing01833

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