Photos from August/October 2005

A range of photos mainly taken by Alan Sayers. These are from August and October 2005. The first pic is our new member Pete Whitehead over Keswick in his orange IS 29, the second 2 of Neil Moffat over Crummock Water in his Lak 17 and the next of Neil up Wastwater looking for a paddle. There is a story to the first picture. Brian Stevens, the son of one of our clubs founder members (William Stevens), was visiting the UK and brought a lot of black and white early photos of the club from it's days on Kirby Moors in the 1930's. He had a meeting with Peter R to swap notes and pictures and has since scanned and emailed them to Peter R. But Brian is a keen fell walker and before returning to the USA went for a walk in the Lakes to find himself surrounded by all types of aviation. He took the picture of the IS 29 and included it with his photos. It turned out to be Pete Whitehead who joined our club about 1 month later.

Keswick_11211 2005_0526_155638AA2 2005_0526_155653AA3 Alan Simmons IMG_02444 Graham Welch IMG_02435 John Burdett IMG_00926 John Martindale IMG_03697 PA1600408 Paul Frain IMG_03439 Peter IMG_035010 Peter Lewis and Peter Redshaw IMG_008111 Peter Lewis IMG_028912 Peter Lewis IMG_214613 Peter Seddon Heavy Sink IMG_023314 Peter Seddon IMG_014215 Richard Frain IMG_034816 Roger and John IMG_010517 Roger Copley Aerotow IMG_020618 Roger Copley IMG_023019 Roger Copley Paul Frain IMG_039720 Ron Palmer IMG_041321 Roy Jones IMG_038922 Shaun Ryan IMG_041123 Shaun Ryan Kate Frost IMG_213824 Wast Water 17.0925 Wast Water2 17.0926

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