The old Furness Gliding Club about early 1930's. This became the Lakes Gliding Club by 1956. These pictures are from Brian Stevens, the son of Bill Stevens one of the club's founding members. Bill designed and built his own glider.

01_CYR~11 02_CYR~12 03_CRE~13 05_CRE~14 06_CRE~15 07_CRE~16 08_SUN~17 10_STE~18 11_STE~19 12_HOS~110 13_BIL~211 17_BIL~112 18_BIL~113 19_BIL~114 20_BIL~115 21_BIL~116 22_BIL~117 23_BIL~118 34_DUD~119 35_TRA~120 36_BIR~121 37_HAN~122 40_COM~123 41_TRA~124 42_TRA~125 43_TWO~126 44_TWO~127 46_CHI~128 50_HAW~129 51_WAS~130 53_FCH~131 54_CAR~132

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