A collection of pictures from Neil Moffat 2005

This is a collection of pictures from Neil Moffat. Mainly over the Lakes but including his Gannet and a few from his power flying hobby. The first one of course is a field landing near Wastwater.

2005_0526_155638AA1 2005_0526_155653AA2 approaching wave 3600ft3 approaching wave 3600ft_small4 DADDY!5 lak 17a6 Land Out 1-08.107 P11800088 P52600089 P526001210 P526001311 P526001512 P526004513 P807002614 Shanghai Oct05 00515 Wast Water 17.0916 Wast Water2 17.0917 Wastwater 08.1018 wave 3600ft19 wave 3600ft_small20

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