LGC Dinner 2005

This is a collection of pictures of the Annual Dinner November 2005 from Alan Sayers. The pictures have an orange cast that can be removed on Photoshop. If you want any of the pics in particular let Alan know, he can remove the sexy orange lighting and has the high definition originals.

IMG_06891 IMG_06912 IMG_06943 IMG_06954 IMG_06965 IMG_06986 IMG_06997 IMG_07078 IMG_07089 IMG_071010 IMG_071511 IMG_071712 IMG_071813 IMG_072014 IMG_072315 IMG_072516 IMG_072917 IMG_073218 IMG_073519 IMG_073620 IMG_073721 IMG_073822 IMG_074523 IMG_074624 IMG_074725 IMG_074826 IMG_074927 IMG_075228 IMG_075329 IMG_075430 IMG_075531 IMG_075632 IMG_075733 IMG_075834 IMG_075935 IMG_076236 IMG_076337 IMG_076438 IMG_076739 IMG_076940 IMG_077041 IMG_077142 IMG_077343 IMG_077544 IMG_077745 IMG_078146 IMG_078247 IMG_078348 IMG_078449 IMG_078950 IMG_079451 IMG_079552 IMG_080053 IMG_080354 IMG_080455 IMG_080556 IMG_080657 IMG_080958 IMG_081159 IMG_081260 IMG_081361 IMG_081462 IMG_081763 IMG_081864 IMG_082065 IMG_082466 IMG_082767 IMG_083068 IMG_083269 IMG_083370 IMG_083471 IMG_083672 PB12000173 PB12000274 PB12000375 PB12000576 PB12000777 PB12000978 PB12001079 PB12001380

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