Neil Moffat's  pictures from a ridge cruise through the Lakes        

Neil (needs a shave) Moffat's  pictures from a ridge cruise through (yes through) the Lakes hopping from Blackcombe to Wastwater to Scafell to Enerdale to Buttermere to Skiddaw to Helvellyn followed by 12000ft in wave and back to Walney via Blackcombe.

P40800191 P40800022 P40800033 P40800044 P40800055 P40800066 P40800077 P40800088 P40800099 P408001010 P408001111 P408001212 P408001313 P408001414 P408001515 P408001616 P408001717 P408001818 P408002019 P408002120 P408002221 P408002322 P408002423 P408002524 P408002625 P408002726 P408002827 P408002928 P408003029 P408003130 P408003231 P408003332 P408003433 P408003534 P408003635 P408003736

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