Alan Sayers captures the IS28 test flight

Thanks to Alan Sayers for these, capturing the excitement as the reconditioned IS 28B takes to the skies and Kate the Frost relaxes after gaining Silver height in the Astir. Featured is Geoff Bailey-Woods our ex CFI, BGA Inspector and the Club's mentor when anything technical is needed.

Copy of IMG_46171 Copy of IMG_46192 Copy of IMG_46233 Copy of IMG_46244 Copy of IMG_46265 Copy of IMG_46276 IMG_45737 IMG_45818 IMG_45859 IMG_458810 IMG_459511 IMG_460112 IMG_460313 IMG_460614 IMG_460715 IMG_461616 IMG_461817 IMG_462018 IMG_462119 IMG_462220 IMG_462521 IMG_463022 IMG_463123 IMG_463224 IMG_464025 IMG_464126 IMG_464227 IMG_464928 IMG_465029 IMG_465230 IMG_466531 IMG_466632 IMG_466933 IMG_467034 IMG_467135 IMG_467236 IMG_467737 IMG_467838 IMG_468039 IMG_469340 IMG_469541 IMG_469942 IMG_470043 IMG_470244 IMG_471145 IMG_471446 IMG_471647 IMG_471748 IMG_472849 IMG_472950 IMG_473351 IMG_473552 IMG_473653 IMG_473954 IMG_474055 IMG_474256 IMG_474457 IMG_474658 IMG_474759 IMG_475160 IMG_475461 IMG_475762 IMG_476263 IMG_476664 IMG_476765 IMG_476866 IMG_477167 IMG_477768 IMG_477969 IMG_478270 IMG_478471 IMG_478672 IMG_479073 IMG_479474 IMG_479675 IMG_479976 IMG_480277 IMG_480578 IMG_480679 IMG_480780 IMG_480881 IMG_481182 IMG_481383 IMG_481484 IMG_481985 IMG_482186 IMG_482287 IMG_482388 IMG_482489 IMG_482590 IMG_482691 IMG_482792 IMG_482893 IMG_483894 IMG_483995 IMG_484096

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