A selection of pre-digital photos 

  Astir on a racing finish Airfield from  South West Airfield from the North
Airfield from North West Old Capstan fuselage renovation The finished Capstan (A23)
clubhole.jpg (42847 bytes)See what the gales did Ullswater.JPG (36370 bytes) flying over Ulswater capstan.JPG (34470 bytes) Capstan on approach (BUC)
Coniston from a glider blow this up to see glider Soaring on Scafell Pike
The K21 two seater Tug Master's dreaming TSC 2002 Competition grid
G-BBOL our Tow Plane  Two Seater Comp camp 2002 Now that's a Tug
Our IS28 two seater   TSC winning team 2002 D70 our K21 at TSC 2002
A bunch of gliders Capstan drinking team What are they Grandad?
Towing 2 gliders at one time Flying in wave over Walney Above the clouds in wave
Would you like a picture included, send it to the Webmaster Dave did want a better picture of him!

tsc2002.jpg (26301 bytes)



Peter and Dave holding TSC Trophies 2002

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