Peter Lewis

Deputy Chief Flying Instructor (DCFI)

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Date Of Birth: 1938

Badges Held: Full Gold, Diamond Goal, Diamond Height

Instructor Rating: Full Cat Instructor and Deputy CFI, X-SLMGPPL instructor, Tug Instructor. X-X-CFI, nearly a hasbin, not yet got the T shirt. past Director Lakes Gliding Club, retired Club Treasurer.

Total Gliding Hours: 2000+

Started Gliding in: 1984

Power Licences: PPL + night + IMC Tug pilot

Hours Power: 1500

Club Position: Full Cat Instructor, Airspace Officer, past Director Lakes GC, past Treasurer, CFI again

Anything Else: Flies a Pegasus - 495, Super Falke G-BFUD, and various power aircraft. Big Van Man.

Club Trophies: The Club Ladder, 1987, The Duddon Trophy, 1988, 1999, 2002, The Alsford Trophy, 1998, 2003, The Lonsdale Trophy, 1991, The Optimum Financial Services Trophy, 1999 and The Wooden Spoon, 1988, 2001

And in the Capstan

Poitier European Two Seater Competition

2011           1st Wood   17th Open Class       Pilots - Peter Redshaw, John Burdett, Peter Craven, Peter Lewis

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