Roger Copley

rcopley.jpg (24788 bytes)

Date Of Birth: 1950 (look at the pic!!)

Badges Held: Gold C, Diamond Goal, 100k Diploma

Instructor Rating: Assistant Instructor

Total Gliding Hours: 280

Started Gliding in: 1991

Power Licences: PPL

Hours Power:

Club Position: past Club Chairman, Instructor, tug pilot

Anything Else: Flies a Sport Vega - EDZ, shares a Pegasus, answer all mobile phone calls to him with "hello Jean, Roger will only be a few minutes".

Club Trophies: The Leighton Hall Trophy, 1998, The Lonsdale Trophy, 1996, The Sir Leonard Redshaw Trophy, 1995, The Club Ladder, 1998, The Wooden Spoon, 1994, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2008 maybe, 2009 definitely,  2011 with photo evidence


Telephone:   Home 01524859112         Mobile 0802431542 

e-mail address:


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