Roy Jones


Date Of Birth: 17/05/1947

Badges Held: Full Silver, Gold Height

Instructor Rating: Lapsed Assistant Category

Total Gliding Hours: 713, 1546 flights as of November 2014

Started Gliding in: 1972

Power Licences: None

Hours Power: None

Club Position: Committee Member and Mr Fixit. Technical and Safety Officer

Anything Else: Shares in Nimbus 2b G-CFPP (50%), partner David W. North, Share in T49 Capstan A23 / BUC (25%), partners David W. North, John C. Burdett, Mrs Kathleen Frost spends his time fixing things and keeping our equipment in shape. Likes milling around shops in town waiting for Pauline (his Mrs) to appear! his words not mine!

Club Trophies: The Lonsdale Trophy, 1986, 1996, The Duddon Trophy 2006, 2012


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