Club Newsletters

Our newsletter "LGC News" (original name eh?) was produced approximately bi-monthly and depended principally on contributions from club members. The circulation was about 60. This included current club members and quite a few others besides. The newsletter has not been produced since Alan Dennis left, we are hoping to re-introduce it but in a different format. If you have any contributions to make please send them to our Webmaster.

These are the HTML versions of the newsletter, naturally the printed version sent to members was more of a visual treat than this, but the words and pictures are all the same! They are large files and will take some time to open, but worth it. Go and make a coffee while you are waiting for the selected newsletter page to open so that you can browse at your leisure. Dependant on your connection speed you are looking at up to 1 minute to open some of the newsletters. The newsletters download faster now, but you will need to click on the photo's to enlarge them.

February 2000 (75k)

November 1999 (98k)

October 1999 (94k)

May 1999 (99k)

March 1999 (90k)

January 1999 (115k)

October 1998 (106k)

September 1998 (113k)

July 1998 (96k)

April 1998 (173k)

February 1998 (75k)

January 1998 (57k)

Sailplane & Gliding Magazine extracts, Lakes Gliding Club News (small files)

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