Extracts of Club News


Below are some of the "Club News" as sent in to Sailplane & Gliding (S&G), the BGA magazine. These usually appear slightly differently in S&G due to editing constraints. They are however an excellent potted history of our activities over the years. In our Clubhouse we have our entries in S&G going back to September 1930. They make interesting reading on a wet day. Also in our Clubhouse is a copy of every issue of S&G going back to the first issue in 1930. A key to the book cases is held by Dave North and Peter Redshaw. There is also a library of gliding books. Please do not remove any books or magazines from the Clubhouse.


The Lakes Gliding Club is 80 years old. The Club was founded in July 1930 and was originally called The Furness Gliding Club. To record our history in more detail and in electronic format, the club's regular contributions to the Sailplane and Gliding magazine that started in September 1930 are being scanned and converted to PDF format. This will take time to build up but the start has been made.


Old S&G News, 1930 forwards

1930 and 1931


Other articles of interest from the old S&G's that relate to the Lakes.

Flying from Latrigg 1956


Recent S&G News, 1993 forwards

S&G Entries 1993
S&G Entries 1994

S&G Entries 1995

S&G Entries1996

S&G Entries 1997

S&G Entries 1998

S&G Entries 1999

S&G Entries 2000

S&G Entries 2001

S&G Entries 2002

S&G Entries 2003


Please send any items of club news, suggestions or contributions to John Martindale for inclusion in the next edition of S&G. If you are not getting a copy of S&G you should. It is a bi-monthly magazine with articles suitable for every level of experience.


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