Starter Package

Starter package, 6 training flights to 2000ft for £250.

Download our STARTER PACKAGE Brochure. We now have a special fixed price Starter Package for you so that you know exactly how much you are spending. You can start learning to fly a glider in a bit more depth, learn more about what is involved in launching gliders, meet more of the members and hopefully find out what a friendly group we are and join in with our flying activities. Gliding is fun.

This training package is valid for 12 months from purchase, includes 6 launches to 2000ft and a minimum of 3 months membership of the Lakes Gliding Club. Your membership starts on the day you take your first flight and will continue until you have completed your 6th flight or the 3 months has elapsed.


Should you wish to have a higher aerotow to 3000ft on the day you will be charged an additional £25. The extra 1000ft height will give you more a greater chance of soaring during your training flights. The ability to go higher is dependant on the weather conditions on the day.  If the flight lasts more than 30 minutes you will be charged for the soaring time over 30 minutes at normal club rates, currently 40p per minute.


Once you have completed your 6 flight Starter Package we hope you will now be enthusiastic enough to continue flying with us. This will be at normal club rates.

You can purchase your voucher for a Starter Training Package now with our secure online payment by clicking the picture link above, your Starter Package training voucher will be posted to you within a few working days. If you prefer you can still pay by forwarding a cheque for £250 made payable to the Lakes Gliding Club and we will send you your Starter Package within a few days.


Same price but special, better value, 6 months initial membership with 7 flights for the £250 and reduced charges for Juniors/Students and those under 18 years of age. See the Charges spreadsheet for more information or ask us.

The Lakes Gliding Club contact and address for Voucher and Starter Package sales is

Andy Tebay

The Practice

10 Prince's Street


LA12 7NB

If you have any further queries please e-mail this will get to Andy and keep it highlighted in a specific email inbox of his.

There are also some height, weight and medical restrictions which you should check.


On your first visit please remember we have a mobile telephone which is ONLY answered on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays WHEN we are flying. The number is 07860 135447. If the weather is not suitable you are likely to get an answer phone and we are NOT flying. As your membership starts on your first flying day we will give you a briefing on how to access the airfield.

Andy Tebay is our key man for organising the sale of trial flights but anyone of the Club Officers on the Contact Us Page will be happy to help or explain what happens and how. When you click on the names on that page you get to see who you are talking to or emailing and obtain their telephone and email addresses.


Why not join us for some fun

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