Web Diary 2005


The 2005 annual dinner and prize giving in mid November was a great success, many thanks to Andy Tebay for organising it all. The Chairman's speech makes it's usual good reading after a few mods by the webmaster. We have a new bus thanks to the efforts of Shaun and we have a new Lady member, Rose Saunders. Looking positively to next year, we are very nearly at the shortest day and we are still flying when weather permits.



Mid October and the Portmoak trip is over. Golf and flying better than normal. Food and hospitality good as ever. The annual Dinner is on Sat 12th November at Abbey House Hotel. Put it in your diary and DO tell the better half, see the social secs page for more details. Yet more new members, one from the world of hang gliding (Paul Frain and son) and one with his own glider (Pete Whitehead also with son). Pete has done a lot of flying in the Lakes from other ridge sites in the north of the lakes and brings an IS29. See the first pic in the new picture gallery. Neil Moffat managed a land out at the west end of Wastwater. A new bus has arrived which needs kitting out. No one seems to want to be the design authority on the bus for fear of criticism. Shaun seems to have cured the hinge problem on the IS 28 renovation.


September. We have to report the death of Cec Batty . He had to give up gliding a few years back due to failing eyesight. However, he remained a regular face at the gliding club. Cec was our oldest and oldest member for many years. He died peacefully on the 26th September 2005, a few hours short of his 92nd birthday, what an achievement. He first became involved with gliding on the 26th November 1944 when he joined 188 ATC Gliding School. Training then consisted of short hops in a very basic single seater. Cec first got airborne when he did 3 ground skids and 3 low hops on 19th August 1945 at Cark airfield. He stayed with gliding as his main hobby and joined the Lakes Gliding Club in 1962. Ever the enthusiast, he steadily acquired his Bronze and two Silver legs. Cec was always the Club Gentleman and keen to help in all aspects of running the Club. He was a staunch committee member and his contribution to the Club was recognised when he was asked to be a Director of the Club in the early 90's.

August update. The Walney Air Show on 16th July was a total success and received excellent press in the local papers.  Large scale models including an impressive gas turbine powered Vulcan bomber flew in the morning followed by four hours of full size aircraft (Warbirds, Jets and Aerobatics). The Club house bar was open to members and a few hardy souls slept over. Well attended, the head count was discontinued at 35,000. Congratulations to Paul Rose who organised a superb show. Re-siting of the Bowser and construction of the bunded fuel compound is now complete and to the satisfaction of the Airfield Authorities. Work continues on the IS-28.  The end is almost in sight and hopefully we may see it rebuilt in the not too distant future. Kate is now flying the Astir and there is an open invitation to all members to her 30th Birthday Ceilidh on Saturday 10th September. We have a new member with a new glider, Neil Moffat. Neil first flew at Walney on Sunday 7th August landing out at Leyburn, Roger Copley landing out on the same day at Thirsk.  A two hour DI on Roger's trailer resulted in a late retrieve in darkness and a 2a.m. finish (Wooden Spoon job?). John Martindale had his best ever flying at Walney that weekend with a total of nine hours over the two days. Alan Sayers re-joined the club a few weeks ago. A microlight pundit that wants to convert to gliding. It was Alan who retrieved Neil Moffatt the other week. The Capstan is back from the two seater competition in France having clocked up a 310km triangle in 6 hours. Ryan Air has adopted the Capstan colour scheme.


June is with us and the weather steadily improves as we move to the longest day. May allowed us to get some good flying in, however, the highlight were the new members that joined. One in particular went solo. Our newest member, Kate Frost, is pictured after her first solo flight following a PhD induced lay-off. Kate went solo on her 16th birthday but her studies then got in the way (she is keeping the exact time gap a strict secret but we are not thinking plywood and goggles here) Now a local resident, she has been delighted with our club facilities and very warm welcome. Not to mention that an ex CFI was seen cleaning the bus and the club loo as a welcome. Towing out over the sea and estuary makes Walney a truly unique site. An early flight took her straight into 10 knots lift in wave to a glorious view of the Lakes. Now she finally has a proper job she’s looking forward to progressing through the club’s single-seater fleet and into yet more wave. The CFI (Dave North) joined the Capstan touring team at Hus Bos and managed his first field (turf farm) landing of the year in the Capstan. The Capstan was 8th overall in the task week at Hus Bos.



April proved to be full of wind and showers, however some useful flying was done. John (Oz) Martindale is back from his winter hideaway with his glider. The hangar was spring cleaned, bowser painted and private owner gliders tarted up. The first expedition to Husbands Bosworth starts on the 9th May. The AGM had to be rescheduled to the 8th May, all members welcome. March 2005. Progress. Paul Rose prepares for take off in his Skylark 3, four years since it last flew. Click on the picture to share his enthusiasm. Jan Eldem completes his Bronze with cross country endorsement. Some good wave flying. The DG 800 had its first flight following its 3 year C of A.



February and we are at last flying again. A combination of bad weather, and runway maintenance left us on the ground during January. February saw us start flying again, though a bit restricted due to the weather. The runways are now finished and we have access to 3 runways again. Whilst we could not fly we have managed to get the tug 3 year C of A completed and the club glider C of A's completed. Good progress has also been made on the refurbishment of the IS28 and its trailer. A brilliant white (not the trailer). The LGC has just achieved M3 status which means it can once again service the Falke at Walney.


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