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December 2007. The weather was most unkind however the low point of the month was that the Chairman's Dinner speech turned up together with the CFI's. (Only Joking Rog, it makes good reading) Neil Moffat sent me some interesting pics of wave at about 36000 ft. He was about 200 nm SW of Walney on an attempted Diamond distance. He managed to avoid the turbulence by flying to the N of the clouds, he was cheating a little in that he was flying his 4 engined self launch multi-seat glider.


November 2007. The annual Dinner was hld at the Abbey House Hotel. A good night appeared to be had by all. The annual prizes were awarded after Hamish R McCopley ("beam me up Scotty" and now famous for his cross dressing antics) gave the Chairman's 'speech'. They were kindly presented by the CFI's young filly, the one on his left and properly known as Angie. Pictures are now available in the Photo Albums section Gallery 14 and are courtesy of Jill Gillett, an old member of the club and Peter Redshaw's sister. Jill has probably attended nearly all Gliding Club Dinners from about 1962. Sadly she gave up flying and turned into a golf fanatic. Just need the Chairman's speech for the records now. The Trophy Page has been updated.


October 2007. The Portmoak team played more golf than flying, the wave stayed away. This must be about 5 years worth of bad weather up there aimed at the first week in October. We have three new members in John Hunt, Christopher Dold and Sean Connor. Rebecca Lewis (niece of Peter Lewis) swam the English channel, specially mentioned as a large chunk of her sponsorship came from our Club and BAE raising 6200 which went to MacMillan Nurses. Photos from Pocklington TSC are now on the Wolds website at http://www.wolds-gliding.org/pictures/pic_frame.htm The photos are by Geoff Davies who came over for a visit and was treated to a low level run through the lakes in the Falke.


September 2007. Good news and congratulations, Rose has got her Silver distance. A flight of some 62km from Tontine Inn (near Sutton Bank) to Pocklington in her K6e. It took her 2 hours 15 mins. Jan has completed his new instrument panel and is now tidying up the cockpit area and working on his numbers, should look like a new glider when he has finished.

The team going to Portmoak are getting ready to sample the ridge and wave in the first week in October, starting Saturday 29th Sept. Anyone not confirmed they are going talk to Roger Copley. Pete Craven is off soon on his annual visit to Minden.


August 2007. The French expedition to the Poitier two seater competition went well. The Clubs Astir, Burdy's LS3, the BGA National Coach with his filly plus LS4 and the Capstan all went. Good flights and nights were had by all. We joined the British Ash 25 teams from Hus Bos (Cloth cap & ferret team) and Pocklington. Mike Fox (the Warrior) flew in with Peter Lewis, Alan Meadows and Shaun Ryan on board for a few days fun. Movies provided some entertainment with Kate and Angie serving ice creams from the trays. Team Capstan came sixth overall which is their best placing yet in France. For those with holidays left we moved on to the two seater competition at Pocklington and were joined by Rose, Roy Jones and Martin Cooper with his Capstan. In fact there were four Capstans in the comp. The weather was not very kind but we had fun, our Capstan won the wood and came third overall. Kate being co-pilot on the final day when we nearly won outright with a 230km multi-turn point flight leaving the glass ships standing. Club flying at Walney continued but the webmaster needs some input from members. The new bright orange Team Capstan kit went down well, more has been ordered. Rose went on to the Slingsby rally at Sutton Bank.


July 2007. Jan is redoing the instrument panel on his Pegasus. The K6's are flying on a regular basis. The French expedition is getting ready. The Astir has been checked and all control rod ends found to be OK.


May/June 2007 the weather is still not being very kind to us. Rose and Andy (S) disappeared to Husbands Bosworth for a week. Rose came back with a Bronze leg and a K6 in extremely good condition and looking pretty to boot. The Capstan went on its annual outing to the Vintage rallies and Hus Bos, apparently more bottles of gin were drunk than flights achieved. Elwood Mancini, an LGC member of some 15years back flew with Peter R at Parham. Dave North moved house so we haven't seen much of him. Jan turned up with a brand new Pegasus on the back of a low-loader having lost a wheel on the motorway. BAE had the Astute launch and was treated to a demonstration of gliding, visiting power and local power all operating well together. Peter C has ordered a camper van so our club will probably have the highest ratio of campers to members of any club in the UK. Shaun has had some good flights in his K6. The tug has had it's 50hr check. BAE is working towards ISO 18001. It is our Club's policy to support BAE in these accreditations as whatever standards they have to meet we must also meet, the airfield was checked out at the end of June and passed with flying colours. Well done to the BAE's Airfield team and the Lakes GC.


April 2007 We held the AGM on the 27th after an aborted AGM at the beginning of the month due to mix ups on times. All is well considering, with a potential bright future on a new hangar for the gliding club. Flying improved as the month progressed with one day when nearly all the gliders were rigged. We had a formal visit from the new BGA National Coach who flew in in his Fournier with the kind permission of BAE Aerodrome Manager. Dave North was seen attempting rolls in the K21 with his assistance. They looked like hesitation rolls so more practice is required. The Carlisle expedition could be heard chattering (all airline pilots (Neil M) please note) away on the radio, we will have to wait to find out how they got on, but it sounded very entertaining. Rose Saunders has joined the Committee.


March 2007 passed with wet and windy weather and when dry we were given a low cloud base. However some flying was achieved. To monitor our weather try http://skylinkweather.com/metar/metar-clubs.php?clubid=317 Our Club now has it's own weather station! All C of A's were completed on the club aircraft and the alternator for the tug has finally arrived from the states. The hangar re-packing seems to have worked out OK even with the new power aircraft that has arrived.


February 2007 and we are flying again. Some wave and even the odd weak thermal. We still have the Astir and IS28 to C of A and we have our first new member of the year. David Brockbank who owns a Cirrus power aircraft but is threatening to learn to glide. At the moment he thinks rudder pedals are foot rests. Aerodrome Operating Instruction AOI 24 covering the operation of resident gliders and private power aircraft has been added to BAE's Aerodrome Manual in the Club Management section. This is an important section and formally allows the Club to fit in with Walney being a licensed airfield.


January 2007. A happy and good year to you all. Apart from the lack of gliding due to Christmas festivities the weather proved to be a bit wet and windy as December closed out and January started, so our flying has been curtailed somewhat. The stalwarts are still to be seen on the airfield supping coffee in the clubhouse. The revised access system is working well, though we did have a minor panic when we lost Gordon at the close of play on a Sunday. The bus engine is in need of attention and should be sorted shortly.  The fence in the hangar is moving towards our end in February so we will have to repack our gliders in a different fashion. C of A's will be due so all help is welcomed. Thanks to Shaun the bus is running again, the tug is off for its annual 16th Jan. 1st glider for C of A is the K21, then the IS28 followed by the Astir. The latest edition of the BGA Laws & Rules is in the Club Management section.



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