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A selection of Our YouTube videos for your entertainment, see what gliding at Walney Island, the home of the Lakes Gliding Club is all about. Why not buy a Gift Voucher and try it.

Lakes Gliding Club, a new one by Graham Sturgeon showing what an aerotow from Walney looks like. The video was shot from a tail cam that was attached to the fin using a new mount that Graham had made.

A BGA field landing training film, worth watching to refresh your memory, you will land out at some time!

Lakes Gliding Club full trial flight with commentary including a loop and a demonstration racing finish. Instructor John Burdett, video work by Graham Sturgeon.

Lakes Gliding Club, Team Capstan does weddings. Mike and Kate proudly reported the birth of their son Matthew on the 8th November 2011. It is only fitting that the Lakes Gliding Club and Team Capstan should get fair and proper recognition for their significant contribution that paved the way for the happy event. Capstanman has rather cheekily "borrowed" all the content to produce the movie. Something borrowed something blue, well the glider is blue.

Lakes Gliding Club, Team Capstan on Tour 2011. Poitier Two Seater competition 2011. A short cross country in the side by side Capstan two seater glider. This "vintage" glider was built in 1965 by Fred Slingsby, glide angle 22:1 @ 46 knots. The day was not as good as it looked with winds about 16 knots, developing showers and cloud base about 2500ft.
The selected task was into wind from Poitier-Biard airfield which proved rather difficult.

Vintage Lakes Gliding Club, activities 1962. A number of cine shots covering bungee launching from Kirby Moors, gliding from Walney and Lasham. Peter Redshaw goes solo at Lasham in Daisy - the Slingsby T21, Jill Gillett goes solo in the Tutor at Walney, eat your heart out Lewis! Note Jill's low level over ruddered turn on finals followed by landing half way down the runway. The Club moved to Walney for the winter of 1962 and full time in 1964.
An early 23 Production by the Redshaw family.

Lakes Gliding Club, Vintage Gliding at Walney, A one man gliding club for the 2 years 1954 to 1956. This movie (taken about 1960) outlines how Len Redshaw did it with the help of his family and some friends. The War arrived in 1939 and curtailed our Clubs activities. All the gliders were commandeered by the MOD to assist in training fighter and bomber pilots. The Club lost over a third of its active members in the War, those remaining helped to form 188 Gliding School, Air Training Corps around 1943/44. Cyril Redshaw (founder member and Len's brother) kept a diary of this period and the Club though technically dormant was kept in being courtesy of the MOD and Len. By this time Len was Secretary of the Club and Officer in charge 188 Gliding School. Cark airfield at Flookborough was the base until 1946 when they moved to Walney. 188 G S operated there until 1955 when it was disbanded. Len however had acquired an Oly 2b, the real hot ship of its time in 1947, followed by a Skylark 3F and flew these from Walney, Kirkby Moors and Tow Top. For a few years he was the only pilot still flying in this area and gained a reputation in the UK gliding movement as being 'that man from the North'.
An early 23 Production by the Redshaw family.

Lakes Gliding Club, Vintage gliding at Walney. A collection of early 8mm movies made at the Lakes Gliding club about 1967. Covers airfield operations and bungee launching from Ireleth ridge. An amazing shot is a gyrocopter apparently about to be bungee launched - This was not the case and Sid Wearing thought aerodynamically impossible. Harvey Jackson had two attempts to fly it and crashed both. One crash was when being towed by a car on the runway, he gained flying speed, took off and immediately tried to correct a developing bank. He instinctively corrected as he would in a glider forgetting the linkage to the rotor was direct and therefore increased the bank angle till the rotor hit the runway where many hours of work vanished in a cloud of highly polished laminated wood fragments. He worked many hours building a new rotor blade and had a further attempt with the machine tethered to the slope on windy Ireleth. The idea being that he could not get into trouble with the machine limited to a few feet off the ground.  Harvey explained that when the rotor reached lift off the machine sprang into the air and was restrained as planned. Unfortunately the slope added a component to the airflow which could not be overcome by the travel of the joystick. The machine could not descend.  After bouncing around he finally waited till the wind was favourable and banked the joystick until the rotor hit the ground.  More bits of highly polished laminated woodwork flying away in the wind. He decided at that point to give it up. The picture quality and sound are not brilliant but the old faces and gliders are recognisable. An early 23 Production by Peter Craven and his father John.

Lakes Gliding Club, Graham's Guide to Wave flying!! Lakes Gliding Club Wave 13th Nov 2011 02. Here is the latest and Graham's "best yet" video to go on YouTube - he gives a running commentary on what he is doing and seeing,

Lakes Gliding Club, Lewis Alderson went solo on his 16th birthday at the Lakes Gliding Club in 2010. A large number of his family and club members turned out midweek to help him. Lewis had a check flight with the CFI, Dave North, and went on to do two immaculate solo flights. Congratulations to Lewis. The video was produced by Peter Craven.

Lakes Gliding Club, November 2011. The Slag Bank video, a 23 Production by Peter Craven. Wave on the first flying day, summer weather on the second with lots of gliders out and Peters Craven and Lewis leading a photo shoot from the top of the slag bank off runway 30. As they wanted more ground in the pictures this led to a number of enthusiastic tug and glider pilots vying for the lowest low pass along Walney Chanel. We all considered this an open invitation as Peter Lewis made the request and he is our new CFI. The truth will out as the objective is to add to our YouTube videos and apparently his request was recorded. Listen hard!

Lakes Gliding Club, See and feel what a trial flight looks like How a visitor spent Fathers Day 2008, thanks to J&S, D&M, R&L - brilliant!

Lakes Gliding Club,  Wave, this time to around 9,000ft and above the clouds too, so the views of the Lake District are hidden. Come and fly the wave with us. Video taken Saturday 13th August 2010. Weather conditions were around 300/15kts, 7c and the QNH was around 1030Mb.  LGC1

Lakes Gliding Club, Flying in Wave at around 11500ft near Barrow in Furness at the Lakes Gliding Club. During the Spring and Autumn months, it is quite common to get above 12000ft in South Cumbria LGC2

Lakes Gliding Club, Another view of wave flying near Barrow in Furness, Cumbria at the Lakes Gliding Cumbria. LGC3

Lakes Gliding Club, Hill Soaring Black Combe in Cumbria  LGC4

Lakes Gliding Club, More Hill Soaring at the Lakes Gliding Club - Black Combe on the edge of the Southern Lakes in Cumbria. Lakes GC 5

Lakes Gliding Club, More Soaring around the Lakes in South Cumbria in the Lakes Gliding Club's K21 two seat Glider LGC 6

Lakes Gliding Club, Wave flying October 2009 at The Lakes Gliding Club in the Clubs "IS28B2" All metal glider. Come and fly with us and experience regular lift in excess of 10,000ft. Pilot Andrew Green LGC7

Lakes Gliding Club, This video shows pilot Andrew Green Descending at high Speed from 10,000ft over South Cumbria at the Lakes Gliding Club after a 2 hour flight. The Glider is an all Metal IS28B2. LGC9

Lakes Gliding Club, More Wave flying at one of Britain's best "Wave" sites - The Lakes Gliding Club
Come and try a flight with us and we'll show you how to wave soar in one of the most picturesque settings in the country. 3 tarmac runways and we fly every weekend all year long, weather permitting.

Lakes gliding at Walney airport part1, MultiGammo. Gliding from Walney with the lakes gliding club as experienced by a trial flight visitor

Flying lakes gliding club part 2, MultiGammo. Gliding from Walney airfield with the lakes gliding club

Lakes Gliding Club, These gliders are out most weekends on Walney island, Barrow in Furness, I keep saying Iím going to have a go, but, never have yet. About time you did!

Lakes Gliding Club, Landing a glider at Walney

Lakes Gliding Club, A trip round Walney Island and the Furness peninsula in a Jabiru light aircraft

Lakes Gliding Club 15, Danny Shaw on his first flight with Dave North instructing. This shows the K21 two seater glider being aerotowed from Walney Island near Barrow in Furness, Cumbria.

Lakes Gliding Club 16, What do you do when the ground is water logged? Come and fly at the Lakes Gliding Club with 3 tarmac runways, ridge, ridge thermal and wave. Graham Sturgeon and Neil Braithwaite go chasing wave in the K21 up the Duddon Estuary.  Note the lakes of water on the grass at the start of the flight.


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