Club Aircraft

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Our fleet of gliders is designed to cover the complete range of abilities from novice to expert. Most of our training was initially done in a Slingsby Capstan (T49) which is a side-by-side two seater, acquired by the club in 1972. It has recently been sold and renovated and can still be seen flying at the Club. 

The mainstay of our instructing is now done in more modern machines with better performance and handling characteristics. The K21 is made of glass fibre and is a tandem two seater. First solo flights are in the K21 which is a wonderful experience. Two seaters are used as a stepping stone for cross-country training. The K21 doubles up as our single seater at the moment. We have 12 privately owned gliders as part of our Club.

All of the club gliders are hangared, fully rigged and ready for immediate use. Most are fitted with oxygen to allow high wave flying.

newtugTug    d70.jpg (32806 bytes)K21 A busy day

Most launches are by aerotow, using our tug, G-CIEH, a Eurofox Aircraft Specifically designed to tow gliders.

In the winter a few more gliders come and join us on our tarmac runways.

Although not an aircraft, the control bus on the end of the runway deserves a mention, as it keeps people warm and dry as well as providing a serving point for hot and cold drinks and food.

The bus Coffee drinkers

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