Gift Vouchers for a Trial Flight

You can buy a Gift Voucher for a trial lesson for only £80 which is certainly an original present! They are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. You can purchase your voucher now with our secure online payment by selecting the 'Add to Cart' button below, your voucher will be posted to you within a few working days.


Same price but special, better value, 6 months initial membership and reduced charges for Juniors/Students and those under 18 years of age.

If you have any queries please e-mail

Gift vouchers are valid for one year which includes 3 months Club Membership from the date the flight is taken.  Once the voucher has been purchased it is non refundable and please don't lose it we cannot replace it. There are also some height, weight and medical restrictions which you should check before purchase.



For an extra £25 you could have an extra 1,000 feet of height and increase your flight time. Normally on a trial flight we take an aerotow to 2,000 feet before gliding gently back to the airfield. By taking an aerotow to 3,000 feet it increases the flight time for little extra cost. The extra height will give you more of a taste for what gliding is about! The ability to go higher is dependent on the weather conditions on the day, so THIS OPTION IS AT THE DISCRETION OF THE INSTRUCTOR ON THE DAY, AND CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED AT THE AIRFIELD ON THE DAY YOU FLY. . You will need to pay this by cash or card as we no longer accept cheques.


If you live near the airfield it may also give the opportunity of flying over your house !! So why not spoil yourself ? Weather permitting, you could get a better view of our spectacular Lakeland scenery even to Scotland, the Isle of Man and as far as Wales


Please remember we have a mobile telephone which is ONLY answered on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays WHEN we are flying. IF IT IS NOT ON WE ARE NOT FLYING. The number is 07860 135447. If the weather is not suitable you are likely to get an answer phone and we are NOT flying.