Group Evenings


During the summer months we can arrange flying on Friday evenings from about 4:00 PM until dusk.

Groups of up to 10 people can be accommodated for trial lessons, depending on the time of the year (sunset time). The individual flights of each group member takes the same form as a single voucher but we are open to discussion on a group discount which depends upon the group numbers. Group evenings should be booked a few weeks in advance, to allow us to arrange instructors, and ground crew.

Group trial flight discounts apply for groups of 6 or more. Discounts of 10% apply to the current price of a Trial Lesson Voucher and we already have special, better value and reduced charges for Juniors/Students and those under 18 years of age. See the Charges spreadsheet for more information or ask us.

Contact us for more information.

Groups have exclusive use of the clubs facilities, on these evenings. We can also provide food, such as a barbecue, "hot pot" or "pie and peas" or we can arrange pub meals at the "airfield local".

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