The Lakes Gliding Club will be 84 years old in 2014


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The Club was founded in July 1930 and was originally called The Furness Gliding Club. Some 50 clubs were started in 1930. The Lakes Gliding Club was in there early and was considered to be the Wasserkuppe (German gliding centre) of England due to the numerous hills and their gentle slopes. The club was originally The Furness Gliding Club, formally operated as The Furness Gliding Propriety Ltd. The original brass plaque (above) is hanging in our Clubhouse. We are still the same Ltd Company but with a different trading name ----- The Lakes Gliding Club.


The history has been recorded from various documents and they have been converted to PDF format for reading. The quality is indicative of the material rather than the digital medium used. Some of the files are large even for the broadband enthusiasts. However it is now recorded for posterity and available for all. Previously this information was under lock and key in the Clubhouse. It makes good reading.


For a quick summary read the brief history of the Club, 1930 to 2005.

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