To learn to fly, you should have good vision, glasses are acceptable. Usually, anyone who holds a valid driving licence is normally fit to fly in a glider. But the following restrictions may apply to solo pilots.

Anyone who suffers from the following medical conditions, or any medical condition which may create or lead to a dangerous situation in flight, especially blackouts from any cause, may not fly unless cleared by a medical examiner:-

Epilepsy, severe head injury, recurring fainting or giddiness, high blood pressure, angina, coronary artery disease, insulin dependent diabetes etc.


The gliders can take people up to 6'4" tall, but it is very tight in the cockpit. The maximum weight limit is 16 stone (100kg) but at this weight we need to have a lightweight instructor with you, if in doubt email us. There is a minimum weight limit of 7 stone (45kg) although it is possible for lighter people to carry ballast.


The minimum age to fly solo is now14, there is no upper age limit. Written parental consent is required for under 18's before they can fly.