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December 2010. The last weekend in November and first in December were wiped out by snow and ice - very pretty though. The severe frost did some damage to one of the fuel bowser pipes which has been repaired. Walney Army Cadets are celebrating their 150th anniversary, the group visited the airfield last Sunday and are joined in the photo by Rose Saunders and Dave North. Saturday 18th December and snow stops play again, 3 to 4 inches came down overnight and laid a blanket on the runways. Good for photography, panoramic winter shot from outside our hangar by Peter Lewis.

Check out one of our wave flights at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBli9ChVBJg courtesy of Graham Sturgeon.



November 2010. The K21 is back with a new rudder and elevator having passed its 3000hr inspection with flying colours. The check flight after rigging included a wave climb to 10500ft by North and Burdett. This was followed by Andrew Green flying solo in the K21 and reaching 12000ft for his Silver height, well done Andy. More wave. The annual dinner on the 20th was well attended, food was good and the annual prizes presented by the CFI very ably supported by his better half. John Martindale cleaned up with the prizes, will someone at least please take the club ladder off him next year. The Trophy list has been updated. Some snow and more wave, the snow holding up flying for a day. The IS28 is de-rigged to allow some tidying up work. Peter Seddon is the new Ladder Steward and has collected a few claims already.


October 2010. A small team with 3 gliders went for the annual Portmoak trip, teamed up with a group from Pocklington and Hus Bos. Flying was quite good with ridge and thermal, the wave eluded us. The DG800 came back with a cracked engine cylinder (analysis concluded it was Craven's fault in his absence) and the Pilatus trailer came back with a new tow bar system. Peter Seddon managed to limp into Portmoak with a jury rigged tow bar having omitted some basic inspection of his trailer before he left - must be a wooden spoon entry. Peter Redshaw was forced to join the winch launch queue to find out what it was like. We had a unique visitor for an air experience flight last weekend, Tom McGerty. Tom was in the ATC 188 Gliding School based at Walney, last flew in 1953 in a T31, a flight of 4 minutes, his first solo close to his 16th birthday, Len Redshaw sent him solo! The Capstan was rigged and went wave soaring over Ireleth to 8500ft leaving the glass ships behind. Saturday 16th October and Peter Midwood goes solo, congratulations. Peter only joined us in February this year and had never flown before, shows what flying regularly can achieve. John Martindale went for a fly over Keswick mainly in wave.


September 2010. The first week sees a lot of midweek effort doing the annual inspection on the IS28 as the K21 is currently in Yorkshire having it's 3000hr inspection. The Lakes GC Annual Dinner is confirmed at the Abbey House Hotel on Saturday 20th November in the original function room, please make a note in your diaries. Check out Lewis Alderson's solo news and interview in the local paper at http://www.nwemail.co.uk/home/features/lewis-is-a-qualified-pilot-aged-just-16-1.756533?referrerPath=home/features Simon Hobson went solo on the 26th having found time to fly on a regular basis. This was Simon's 45th flight having clocked up 16.5hrs before solo. Congratulations Simon, difficult to tell from the photo who is the most pleased, Dave has the grin of a Cheshire Cat and the webmaster missed the free beers!


July/August 2010 and some good flying and fun had by all. Five gliders and 7 members set off for Louroux in France, 2 entered the 100 Chateaux competition. Rogers twin brother Bob joined the trip, the one in orange in the photo. Three more entries for the wooden spoon, Bob made a special effort on Roger's behalf and reversed a trailer into a stop sign. The LS3 beat the DG800 and the Capstan broke the sound barrier - 70kph for a 160km triangle. Apparently a number of pics of the French trip are already on Facebook. Preparations are in hand and hopefully Lewis Alderson will be able to go solo on his 16th birthday. Yes he did, a number of members and about 20 of his family turned out on Wednesday evening. Congratulations Lewis. Team Capstan arrived back from the Two Seater Competition at Pocklington with prizes, 1st Wood and 3rd in the Open Class, best flight a 181km triangle. The Capstan orange jackets being a popular collectors item, note Max, the team security dog.


June 2010. An excellent month with new members and outstanding flights. John Martindale clocked up a 300km flight, Peter Craven was up in wave with an 11,000ft gain and Simon Hobson is about to re-solo. The Capstan visited Husbands Bosworth, Pocklington and Camphill with a number of club members joining in the fun. OUR Kate Frost married OUR National Coach (otherwise referred to as some bloke from the BGA), The CAA visit has lead to a few worrying moments as we try to reconcile our glider paperwork with that of Jumbo jets, Roy Jones is on top of the game in-between hospital visits. The Mike Fox syndicate has acquired a hangar. What fun warm weather with a northerly flow is. The gardeners amongst us would like some rain - forget it. New contenders for the Wooden Spoon Trophy, someone bent a winglet by banging it against his own glider in the hangar.


May 2010. High cloud base, NE winds and convergences made for good thermal flights early in the month with a number of excursions into the Lakes. The hangar was emptied of all gliders and they re-appeared on the runway end. We have a new syndicate, Peter Lewis has been joined in his Pegasus by Andy Tebay and Graham Sturgeon. Nice to see it active again. We now have two Pegasus syndicates and will be keeping an eye on them. Graham Sturgeon is offering a reward for the Pegasus aileron horn cover that "dropped" off in a field "during" a retrieve. The Capstan was given it's first airing for some time and given a good wash - it spent about 30 minutes soaring in rain coming out of a sea breeze convergence. The aileron horn has been found but the reward has now gone missing, very dubious. The photo gives a clue, wooden spoon entry at least!!!!!!!


April 2010. Lots of flying every weekend with reasonable weather. The AGM had a good turnout with pie and peas going down well. Rose thanked everyone for turning out. Flying had not been so good last year due to weather but membership was up. She thanked the committee and others who had helped and came to the meetings, she would like more to come. Thanks to the tuggies, instructors and all the others who had done work on club equipment. The Club is particularly grateful for the extra help given by Peter Lewis and John Burdett whilst two of our instructors are out of action. Our technical officers are changing with Roy Jones taking over from JE, thanks to Jan for all his work on the club gliders. Apart from these changes the committee was re-elected with the old/new face of Graham Sturgeon. Financially, we had some exceptional items in the year, particularly about 6000 spent on the tug. Fleet insurance is down again this year and has reduced significantly in the last two years. We should be in the black in the next two years if we carry on as we are. Rose presented the prizes for last years flying - the most attractive trophy going to Andrew Green for best flight by a non Silver pilot. Well done Andrew and thanks for your efforts in bring fresh members from Lancaster University.


March 2009. The first weekend was good with a great turnout on the Sunday which gave blue skies with occasional turbulence. New members from the Andrew Green led team from Lancaster University, this is great as they are from the younger generation. And a number of current members that we have not seen for a while for various reasons. Photo looking to Port Haverigg from the north end of Walney. Saturday 13th March, breaking news - Peter Seddon completes his silver with a 110km out and return flight in his Pilatus B4 - rose Saunders completes her Silver with 5hrs 30min in the Pegasus - both in wave with occasional cloud base down to about 500 ft in places and both subject to confirmation - see sat pic - Congratulations to them both. The AGM has been set for Sunday 18th April at 6.0pm with pie & peas plus annual prize giving.


Some sad news I'm afraid, Gordon Taylor died at 5am 25th March. He joined the gliding club in 2002, it meant a lot to him and he always looked forward all week to his flights. He found gliding very relaxing, we will miss his mid afternoon phone calls to see if we were flying and to check if he could slip a flight in. He won the Dodd Trophy in 2007 for the most progress, considering his age and the limited time he could spend on the airfield it was quite an achievement. The most recent picture we have shows Gordon modelling his latest hat.

Happy soaring Gordon you got to fly solo after all!


February 2009. Our tug is back complete with annual, the K21 is ready, GBW is fixing the IS28 seat, Roy Jones has been on holiday in the local hospital, Jan Eldem went on holiday to the USA and returned with a bad back. Then the weather was bad!


January 2010, Happy New Year to you all. An absolutely fabulous day on our first flying weekend with the Lakes and Pennines covered in snow. The renovated Pegasus J7, with the new syndicate, was test flown by Dave North. Rose then had her first flight in it and was ecstatic. Mid January and our equivalent of the Australian Morning Glory arrives, wind SSW off the sea with the wave set up across the mouth of the Duddon Estuary, picture from Andrew Green in the IS28 looking towards Haverigg. Double room can be had at the Abbey House Hotel for 49 via booking.com, they will give you the same if you book direct. Jan 24th and the tug is flown to Blackpool before the rain starts, Hopefully it will be back by next weekend. The K21 is serviced, needs rigging and the paperwork completing.

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