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December 2012. No flying so far Xmas is on us. This card summarises December - All the best for Xmas and a happy New Year to our friends and members.



November 2012. The Annual Dinner was on the 3rd and brought a number of our friends from other clubs. Our Kate (now mother and Mrs Fox, AKA the wife of the National Coach) kindly presented the prizes. There will be a stewards enquiry on the Wooden Spoon as too many of the "Officials" had made their minds up who should get it. The full details of the Dinner with photos and results can be found at Annual Dinner 2012. Flying between showers, snow and hail stones on the Saturday with wave and sunshine on the Sunday. Remembrance Day and Peter Craven takes wave to 10000ft and has a trip round Keswick and Morecambe. Danny Shaw gets his first hour in the K21. John Burdett clocked up his first 1000hrs in gliders last weekend, he hasn't bought us all a drink yet. The 2013 dinner will be on Saturday November 2nd at the Abbey House Hotel.


October 2012. What do you do when the ground is water logged? Come and fly at the Lakes Gliding Club with 3 tarmac runways, ridge, thermal and wave. Check out our latest video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmUFMMuOe5I and note the lakes of water on the grass to the side of the runway at the start of the flight. The Starter Package is going down well, we welcome Steve Metcalfe who joined us at the start of the month. Steve has prior form as a power pilot. Wonderful day on 22nd, light SE wind and nearly a summer day, wave found in both new and usual areas with most flights participating in it. 10 to 15 knot N to NNW wind on the 27th giving very weak wave in the usual places and new wave found on the north face of Coniston old man going to 8600 and higher.


September 2012. Good weather with wave on the first weekend. The wave running in a curve from Walney up to Thirlmere, best lift being found in the lee of Coniston Old Man. Lovely day on 22nd and we welcome Steve Wilkinson as a new member from Kendal, (getting ready to fly-photo on left). 23rd and a good number of Air Experience flights and we welcome another new member, Danny Shaw from Barrow. Photo on right shows Danny flying over Barrow on his first flight. Photo from Sturge's wingtip camera.


August 2012. The French expedition to Louroux was great fun with Burdett and Craven both competing in the 100 Chateaux competition. The Capstan Team returned from the Two Seater competition with the best wood trophy again. Cub Fox (the little one checking out the refreshments!) was nearly crawling round the Team Capstan hospitality tent. The weather was not very kind to either the UK or French pilots.


July 2012. Although not expected from the forecasts we have been having some good flying weather. Those going to France this year are getting organised, ferries booked, trailers fixed, French licences organised. Bets are being placed on whose trailer or car doesn't make it this year. We are a bit short of instructors at the moment due to holidays and medicals expiring. A rota for instructing and tugging is being organised for when key members disappear to France for their gliding holidays. The bus has been vandalised again, someone obviously fancies our rear bus windows for something, best guess is a boat cabin. One member, who shall remain anonymous (me), chose to land downwind at approaching glider traffic - he missed the sea breeze had come in. Sunday 15th and good flying for members and visitors with wave, thermal and ridge for all.


June 2012, The Capstan went to the Vintage rally at Sutton Bank and had some good flying compared to everywhere else in the country. The tug went to get the dynamo fixed and then we discovered that the voltage regulator also needed renewing, the tug is now back. The launch point bus has had a new radiator fitted and the leaking water pump removed - as you can guess, not much gliding so far this month, must get better soon. There were four national competitions down south in the first week of June and they barely flew, so much for global warming. Lewis Alderson joined the Capstan on tour at Camphill and was treated to two entertaining landings straight off the ridge in the Capstan. Lewis also soloed for the first time off a winch launch, Allan Jolly sent him solo.


May 2012. Some excellent soaring weather with predominantly north easterly winds. Many gliding sites still suffering from being water logged. We changed the gate padlock combination code and username/password for the Members only section, contact Peter Redshaw if you need more information.


April 2012 April 1st was a good flying day, apart from cloud base being about 1400ft over the airfield. The month started with a bang! Well I would say that as there are two types of pilots - those that have landed with their wheel up and those that will land with their wheel up. I am in the first category, our thanks to the BAE fire crew for hosing the white strip off the runway and collecting our runway end light protection boards which we subsequently left out. A particular club member is well on his way to winning the wooden spoon this year. We had an enjoyable visit from the 'USA' Hackett's, AKA Deb and Willy, on the 7th, fortunately the duff weather finished up with amazing wave. Mattie Bull went solo on the rudder pedals in the K21, a new experience for him! Mid April and an excellent soaring day with Lewis Alderson gaining a Bronze leg and also nearly getting his Silver height - take a barograph next time! 22nd April and we held our AGM with pie & peas after an amazing flying day, inland was all CuNims and heavy showers, on the coast we had wave. Peter Craven was elected as Chairman.


March 2012 The tug is back, collected Saturday 3rd March. Flying tomorrow, forecast is OK. It took the CAA an extra week to process the paperwork!


February 2012 The tug is still away and the K21 has had it's annual C of A. More than that it has been rubbed down, cleaned and polished - it is in pristine condition. The weather has been kind to us in that we have not had any flying days whilst the tug has been away. It should be back soon as there were no unexpected problems this time.


January 2012 A happy New Year to you all. See the Web Diaries within the Archive section for previous years monthly updates on activities. Wet & windy so far, drainage by the hangar has been improved. The tug will depart on the 29th January for it's annual inspection and will probably be away for two weekends. The K21 annual will be done at the same time. Mid January and the weather is good, some good wave flying with most of the gliders out, spectacular lenticulars over the Lakes. The picture shows a classic taken by Sturge, wind was 15knt SE at ground and 33knt S at 5000ft . John Collins' resurfaced and had a good flight. The hangar AGM was held and well attended after flying. 10 mice in a week so far from the traps in the bus. The tug was flown to Blackpool for its  annual inspection at the end of flying on the 28th January, it will be away for about two weeks. We will now do the K21 annual inspection, all members welcomed to help and see what is done.

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